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Joining is very easy! Send an email via the button below.

What’s needed to join?

While it is helpful if members can read music, it is not a requirement. Previous choral experience is not necessary, however it is essential to have the ability to sing in tune.

What is expected of choir members?

We take our music seriously, and members are expected to practice between rehearsals. It’s important to participate in rehearsals and to be willing to learn. In this way, we can use our rehearsals to work on making music beautifully. Every effort is made to support choir members through ‘learner’ files for each of the different sections of the choir. We also go through each piece in rehearsal, so nobody is in the dark. The pace is fast, but we find a positive attitude, and some listening and practice in between rehearsals, works very well.


Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings, 7.30-9.00pm, in Terenure College. In the run up to our major performances, we also rehearse some Tuesday evenings, and we usually also have a Choir practice day in preparation for our busy Christmas season.

Member Experience
Perhaps the best way to get a sense of what it is really like to be a member is to hear directly from members. Checkout our Member Testimonial page. 

Choir Social

Our members’ musical experience is varied, and we are a diverse group, with many members having no other connection with Terenure College. Rehearsals, performances, and our social events are in a truly inclusive atmosphere. After our major performances, many of us will share a meal in a local restaurant or chill together in the clubhouse at Terenure College RFC. We are looking forward to organizing our next trip and have fond memories of trips to Rome and within Ireland.

Upcoming Performances

We follow the academic school year, you can find a schedule of planned performances here. We will also include some fun events coming up to Christmas and possibly in the summer, and we hope to organize a Choir trip, Spring 2024.