Member Testimonials

Some thoughts from valued members on what it is like to be a member of Terenure College Community Choir. 

"Being a member of the Bass section since our inception, I would describe it as a positive, affirming and welcoming space to enter every week. To sing with others, under the expert guidance of a choir leader, is fortifying for both the heart and mind. There is camaraderie and the learning, along with the buzz of live performance. A marvellous oasis in the busyness of everyday life"

Peter Coghlan, Bass

I joined a couple of months after we started in 2013 and was welcomed, encouraged, and helped by everyone. I love music and singing, particularly in a choir setting. We very much enjoy our Easter and Christmas performances; an added bonus is the many friends I have made.

Mena Dunne, Soprano

I was apprehensive joining about 7 years ago with very little music experience. I was welcomed immediately. The camaraderie, friendliness and relaxed enjoyment among the members helped ease me in. From then it was a case of making and enjoying beautiful music, inspired by the passion and enthusiasm of our director and the entire choir, with plenty of help, support and encouragement from all. It is a thoroughly rewarding experience, contributing to a very positive work-life balance while enjoying the craic and relaxed rehearsal and performance experience.

Cormac Breathnach, Tenor

I joined the choir to try it for a month or so and seven years later I’m still here! It is a place where we enjoy magnificent music among friends and while we work hard and achieve a lot we laugh just as much.

Elaine Murphy, Alto